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Fire caused by the refilling of a Bioethanol ornamental burner

How this fire happened

The occupier of a terraced house received burns to his face after re-filling an ornamental burner with bioethanol liquid fuel.

The man thought that the burner had gone out and failed to notice that it was still burning.

When he added the fuel to the burner it burst into flames causing burns to his face and spreading burning liquid fuel on to the settee and flooring.

The smoke alarm operated alerting the other occupants of the house who then assisted the casualty with his burns and put the fire out with a dry powder extinguisher.

The casualty was taken to hospital by ambulance and the Fire and Rescue Service checked on the extent of the damage and ensured the fire was extinguished.

Safety message

  • Always follow manufacturers guidelines

  • Never add fuel to a burning fire   

  • Check that the flame is fully out and leave for at least 10 minutes before filling

  • Never overfill the fuel reservoir

  • Never leave a lit Bioethanol burner unattended

  • Extinguish all fires when leaving a room or before going to sleep using the lid or flame killer provided

  • Keep fireboxes and burners away from combustible furnishing

  • Keep fireboxes and burners away from children and pets

  • Regularly clean and check containers for damage and never use a leaking container

  • Always place fireboxes and burners on a stable surface

  • Always use Bio-Ethanol burners in a well-ventilated room

  • Never put your hand in the burning flames or fuel

  • Clean away fuel spills on furnishings or skin with a damp cloth and dry completely

  • Light fires with an extended leg lighter or extra-long match, do not discard matches in the burner

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