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Safety message​

This incident shows the value of good fire safety precautions and staff training within the work place.

This resulted in early warning of the fire to members of staff and the prompt evacuation of the building.

Pictures show the effect that a well fitting fire door can have on smoke travel within a building.


This protected people within the building and prevented damage elsewhere.

Never wedge a fire door open.

How this fire happened

Approx. 17:30hrs: Cleaner enters a third floor office and observes a small fire on a desk.

Cleaner activates a break glass call point to raise the alarm and evacuate the building.

17:35hrs: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service informed of incident.

17:38hrs: First two fire appliances in attendance.

Incident attended by 5 pumping appliances, a Special Equipment Unit and an Aerial Ladder Platform.

The fire was extinguished by 16 Fire fighters wearing breathing Apparatus using 3 jets.

The effect it had

A further six offices were severely damaged by smoke resulting in the occupants of these offices being displaced while repairs were made.

However prompt action by the cleaner in raising the alarm resulted in a safe evacuation of members of staff from the building without injury.


This case study was contributed by Hampshire Fire And Rescue Service.

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